We will be focusing on how the EU institutions and national governments are responding to the increasingly clear guidelines issued at EU level on the need to keep internal market borders open for the flow of goods, services, and the trucks and key personnel whose movement is the essence of our value chains.

Looking at what the next steps are for any EU-active company in ensuring that their needs are met by this EU response, and on the bigger challenge of ensuring a smoother exit path than we have seen in the individual responses to COVID-19. 

The call will discuss:

  • How our borders are operating now, compared to the initial snarl-ups and the continued restrictions affecting both the EU and near neighbours, especially for staff.
  • What internal due diligence can enable local border guards and public health officials to open the road for you.
  • How can companies best support the current European council aspiration for a more coherent EU-wide management of exit from the COVID-19 current wave?
  • How can companies better position themselves to benefit from the recovery planning of the public authorities?

Want to learn more?

At FIPRA, our EU & International team are available to help you navigate the inner workings of EU institutions such as the Commission, Council, and Parliament.


Robert Madelin – Chairman FIPRA International

Jacki Davis – Brussels-based convenor and moderator.


Jacki Davis – Brussels-based convenor and moderator


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EU & International
We help our clients navigate the inner workings of EU institutions such as the Commission, Council and Parliament. We create a narrative to bridge from your culture and concerns, making your voice heard and perspective understood among key officials driving policy, regulation and resolutions. 

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