Powered by the European Green Deal and the European Climate Law, Europe is setting itself the ambitious goal of becoming climate neutral by 2050. Achieving these objectives requires systemic change and integrated solutions. Indeed, the current legislative framework, even if revised to increase ambition, will not be enough. 

In this context, we invite you to our webinar discussing how the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (PPWD) can be revised to contribute to the EU’s climate objectives.

It is urgent that we tackle emissions from materials, which remain a major unaddressed challenge. Materials used to produce our cars, clothes, packaging, and other consumer products currently account for nearly a quarter of global CO₂ emissions from energy and industry. Emissions from materials used for packaging are estimated to be more than those caused by global aviation. 

But recycling alone will not be sufficient to overcome that challenge; a policy framework for the decarbonisation of materials is needed. And the revision of the PPWD constitutes an opportunity to begin this important work.

With the Commission’s public consultations on the revision of the PPWD underway, we bring to you this FIPRA Intelligence Series webinar, in collaboration with Tetra Pak.

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Mattia Pellegrini – Head of Unit, DG Environment, European Commission

Francesca Stevens – Managing Director, EUROPEN

Dr. Dominic Hogg – Chairman, EUNOMIA

Sabine von Wirén Lehr – Director EU Affairs, Tetra Pak


Robert Madelin – Chairman FIPRA International


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