FIPRA Croatia is known locally as Vlahovic Group. The firm has an extensive network, with offices in Zagreb and Brussels. It also has associates throughout South East Europe, including in Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality professional advice and representation for companies whose interests are shaped by decision-makers in Parliament, government and other national and local government agencies.

We can provide informed expertise to decision-makers during government and regulatory decision-making processes, build relationships with key stakeholders and monitor public policy and the legislative process.

The FIPRA Croatia team consists of five core team members and eight external associates. Our team members and associates are all experts in public affairs, lobbying, communication management and business.

Our client base is primarily international companies and consultancies operating in the areas of energy, infrastructure, transport, finance, pharma, healthcare and European Union funding. We also support local companies operating in these and other sectors.

FIPRA Croatia adheres to the highest ethical standards and is a vocal supporter of transparency and disclosure. The company is a member of the Croatian Lobbyists Society and is also registered in the European Union Transparency Register.


FIPRA Croatia
Vlaska ulica 70B
10 000 Zagreb