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The team consists of a range of specialists. At Substantia, it is the purpose and idea that drive the strategy. Once we have those two in place – purpose and idea – we use the same tools that skilled people have used for centuries. Focused thinking. Good writing. Collaboration and hard work. It usually works.

Substantia contributes to measurable solutions and changes by advising and assisting companies, organizations and the public sector in developing communication and actions that promote real solutions to complex issues. The right communication motivates people to reach further than they themselves thought possible.

They assist our clients in achieving ambitious goals by being the communications house that best understands companies’ business, managers’ room for action, organizations’ driving force, the logic of the media and society’s political processes.

They believe that multiple points of view create better solutions. They believe in duplicity, the many perspectives and high ceilings – and they are quite sure that power turns into impotence and counter-pressure if it is only unfolded in closed spaces with a fixed crowd of established players. Substantia is a communication house for the positive, constructive power that is drawn out of closed spaces and involves those who can and must find joint solutions.

They make a living by bringing actors together and finding new paths where others see conflicts and dead ends. When the financial interests of companies collide with the wider community, when the gears grind and do not take hold, they help to find joint solutions. With substance – and respect.

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Fipra in Denmark

Pakhus 11, Dampfærgevej 2,, 2100 København Ø

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