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FIPRA is represented in Finland by Manifesto, a leading communications consultancy in corporate communications, public affairs and marketing. Manifesto is a trusted and experienced partner for companies wishing to enter and operate in the Finnish market.

In Manifesto, our team of senior experts believes in methodological creative and business-based solutions. What are people interested in? What is meaningful to them? In a rapidly changing and complex world, the ability to separate the significant from the insignificant is a competitive factor. Manifesto helps you to identify what is interesting and meaningful in your business to your audiences and who these audiences are.

The word manifesto means ‘clear’. We believe in well-designed, clear communication and messaging, which have a real impact. The messages matter to us. We are skilled and warm-hearted professionals who challenge you with fresh ideas and new thinking. We approach your business goals with clear insight, and we work vigorously to deliver you the results.

Our integrated public affairs and communications approach is based on a vast experience in a variety of industries, but we have an especially strong knowledge and demonstrated skills in energy and green transition, mobility, ICT and technology, healthcare, non-profit organizations, and from working with the public sector. 

Manifesto was founded in 2000.


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Fipra in Finland

Salomonkatu 17 B - 12th floor, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

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