Samman Law & Corporate Affairs

FIPRA in France is a partnership between Jean-François Guichard, a founding member of the FIPRA Network and Samman Law & Corporate Affairs, a law firm specialized in public affairs.

Our team provides a customized integrated approach of the interactions between business, administration, political and legislative spheres.

Cabinet Samman provides expertise in strategy, public policy and regulatory affairs. We advise clients who are world leaders in their respective sectors on effective ways to understand and influence public decision-making processes. We help them develop the legal, political and economic intelligence they need to develop their activities and to protect their interests.

In France, our practice is built on experience in government relations, corporate communications, investor relations, economic advice, business and capital development, financial and legal affairs and mergers and acquisitions at both national and international levels.

We also provide strategic consulting services in all areas of government relations including political advisory, legislative and regulatory watch, economic analysis, market and competition intelligence, strategic messaging, coalition building and stakeholder engagement.


FIPRA in France
5-7, Rue D’Aumale
Paris 75009

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