Miller & Meier Consulting

Founded in 1997, we advise companies from all over the world on lobbying and governmental affairs strategy.

Lobbying Leadership™ is the concept behind our corporate philosophy, our approach to consulting and the standards to which we hold our staff. As our corporate philosophy, Lobbying Leadership™ indicates an orientation towards our core values of trust, respect, transparency and teamwork. When creating and implementing successful strategies jointly with our clients, they benefit from our many years of experience, from our interdisciplinary perspectives, from our creativity and from our profound understanding of politics.

In common with everyone in the FIPRA Network, we have more than two decades of experience in providing the consulting services our clients need to develop effective lobbying strategies. We are active in a number of subject and policy areas where we combine high-level analytical expertise and a detailed knowledge of political logic with creativity, wide-ranging perspectives and an overall passion for solving political challenges.

Our current key areas of focus include Health & Medical Technology, Technology & Digital Industries, Infrastructure & Mobility, Banking & Finance, Consumer Goods and the Chemical Industry. Our services can be individually applied to all sectors, which means that we are able to provide our clients with effective consulting specific to their particular environment.


FIPRA in Germany
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