FIPRA in Hungary

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We combine the knowledge and experience of our senior partners with the cutting-edge skills of our junior colleagues to serve a wide range of multinational and local clients in various sectors.

Our team consists of seven experts in professional, political and social networking, all of whom can call on years of experience in public affairs and public administration.

Our services focus primarily on Hungary’s central administration and municipalities. However, in the last decade we have also successfully led, in cooperation with the Fipra network, campaigns at the European level targeting decision-makers in Brussels.

Our key skill is in finding where the mutual interests of business, politics and the public lie, as well as mediating in situations where the interests of business and government appear to diverge.

CEC Group Budapest is certified by TRACE International for business ethics and transparency.

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Fipra in Hungary

Falk Miksa U. 28. V/2, Budapest, 1055, Hungary

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