FIPRA in Iberia (Spain)

FIPRA Iberia

More than 25 years of experience providing public affairs, government relations and lobby services in Spain and Portugal.  Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, trade associations, and non-profit organizations who have entrusted us with their government relations and lobbying needs on the Iberian Peninsula.   We pride ourselves in becoming partners to our clients in both countries and in forming long lasting client relationships exceeding, on average, more than 6 years.

Our core function is to support our clients in developing and implementing government relations, lobbying and public affairs strategies, and providing them with regulatory and policy risk analysis.

We have worked with clients in virtually every sector of the economy and with all of the political parties active in Spain and in Portugal. Our core teams and external consultants are experienced professionals in political, corporate, and media issues.

Our greatest asset is knowing how policy is made in Spain and Portugal, who makes it, and most importantly how to influence the policy making process. We also have expertise in building strategic alliances in the private and public sector to further our clients’ public affairs objectives.

Fipra Iberia and its core teams have no affiliation to any specific political group or business interest and adhere to the highest ethical standards.

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Fipra in Spain

Palacio de Miraflores , Carrera de San Jerónimo, 15 - 2ª , Madrid, 28014 Spain

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