Macoll Consulting Group

Macoll Consulting Group in Korea combines political and regulatory activities at both national and local levels to achieve our clients’ goals and objectives.

Our 120-strong team at Macoll Consulting Group offers more than 30 senior advisors. All our consultants have experience in their respective fields including industry, government, parliament, media and consultancy. FIPRA Korea experts deliver effective and insightful advice to clients, built upon an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of the political and policy-making processes.

Priding ourselves on our tailored services, Macoll Consulting Group conducts risk assessment, stakeholder analysis and regulatory analysis using our own laboratory, a research institute certified by the government.

In order to ensure that our consultants uphold the highest degree of business standards and ethics, all members of FIPRA Korea sign our code of conduct. This code reflects our belief in, and strict adherence to, our industry’s best practice and ethical standards.


FIPRA in Korea
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