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We provide public affairs support, regulatory advice, political communication strategies, lobbying strategies, crisis management, grassroots campaigns as well as traditional, digital and social media campaigning.

Our team has extensive experience in a range of sectors. These include energy and environment, transport and logistics, defence and security, media, digital economy and ICT, pharmaceuticals, industry and manufacturing and financial services.

In addition, we offer a separate public relations and communications unit. This delivers stand-alone PR campaigns and supports our public affairs campaigns through broader traditional and social media outreach. We also provide early earning alerts and daily monitoring of legislative processes.

Local authorities are vital in shaping the foreign investor environment in Poland. CEC Group designs public affairs campaigns focused at the township, city and regional level as well as implement local campaigns for community outreach.

Poland now plays a crucial role in shaping the Brussels agenda, through its national government, members of the European Parliament, European commissioners and top-level officials within key European institutions, in particular the European Council.

CEC Group helps clients understand and effectively access the Polish players in the European Union by leveraging our two-decade long presence. FIPRA in Poland operates under strict U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and UK Bribery Act Rules.

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Al. Ujazdowskie 41, 00-540, Warsaw, Poland

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