Major target audiences for FIPRA in Portugal include trade associations, local government, the Portuguese Parliament and the Portuguese Presidency. Where required, we also engage with the European Commission, European Parliament and Council. We have over 20 years of experience in all aspects of public policy and regulation as well as multi-jurisdictional experience in network projects involving local and EU government and policy.

Our core function is to help our clients’ businesses conduct political communication via relevant channels, including media where and when appropriate. We identify the problem, the key stakeholders, the target audience, the key messages and the solution, developing a detailed action plans with timings and objectives.

Initium‘s core team and external consultants are experienced professionals in political, corporate, and media issues. They include former members of the national and European Parliaments, as well as leaders of political parties and former cabinet members.

Our greatest asset is a close and continuous interaction with local and EU decision-makers and regulators. This allows us to approach the correct people in a way that maximises the impact of our interventions. We also have expertise in building strategic alliances in the private and public sector to further our clients’ public affairs objectives.

Initium and its core team have no affiliation to any specific political group or business interest and adhere to the highest ethical standards.


FIPRA in Portugal
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