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The Alpine Group is a bipartisan, bicameral government affairs consulting firm located on Capitol Hill, whose clients include Fortune 100 companies, private equity firms, trade associations and local governments. The Alpine Group is consistently ranked one of the top lobbying firms in Washington, and its personnel are recognized as substantive and political experts.

Rhod Shaw brings nearly 35 years of high-level government experience to the Alpine Group and its clients. For the past 25 years, Rhod has successfully represented a diverse group of Fortune 500 companies, major international trade associations, State and local governments, and other industry leaders on matters pending before the legislative and executive branches of government. 

Rhod’s extensive experience includes specialized work affecting key industries such as telecommunications, energy, automotive, technology, financial services, and those requiring the protection of intellectual property rights, as well as other leading industries. He has been recognized repeatedly in trade journals as one of the Hill’s elite consultants. Rhod is acknowledged as one of the few figures who can work across the Hill and across the aisle.

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