Raw materials, whether metals derived from mining or chemicals from industrial processes, provide the building blocks of manufacturing value chains across all industries.

Increasing awareness of the need to ensure sustainability and minimise environmental impact of production have reshaped the regulatory landscape for the sector in the EU and elsewhere.

This means the entire lifecycle of these building blocks, from production to end-of-life disposal, needs to be considered – with chemical regulation such as the EU REACH Directive stipulating a more sustainable approach. The pursuit of a genuinely circular economy – particularly in Europe – looks set to accelerate this process.

Where necessary, FIPRA’s Chemicals, Industrials & Mining practice helps clients to become part of multi-stakeholder engagements or to build coalitions to support their needs. We also advise clients on issues concerning the substitution of hazardous chemicals for safer alternatives, evaluating risk-related trade-offs and introducing cutting-edge technologies for long term sustainable chemistry.

Case Study

Accelerating market access for providers of sustainable chemical alternatives

Olivera  Drazic-Gaubert
Olivera Drazic-Gaubert
Head of Chemicals, Industrials & Mining Practice
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