Regulatory scrutiny and approval from the competition authorities is increasingly global, particularly where they involve large-scale mergers and acquisitions and major anti-trust investigations. Some cases may raise both competition concerns and wider issues of public policy.

In Europe, as elsewhere, there is an active debate on the extent to which decisions should be made on a purely economic assessment basis. This is subject to changing views on how the main EU legislative statutes should be interpreted, or the extent to which it should consider wider issues of innovation, industrial, trade and security policy.

We have advised clients on over 100 mergers and joint venture cases at both EU and national level, as well as on anti-trust cases covering competition in existing markets, alleged abuse of a dominant position, copyright, data and trademark issues, and state aid cases concerning taxation and other issues.

On EU cases, we are also able to assist clients in their dealings with the specialist regulatory media in Brussels, which can set the tone for much of the wider media coverage.

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