The Transport, Travel & Logistics (TTL) sector has changed dramatically in recent years. The growth of digitisation, particularly ecommerce, has seen the business and importance of logistics grow rapidly.

The dramatic expansion in cheap air travel has seen passenger numbers boom and added to pressure on infrastructure. Concerns over the environmental impact of motor vehicles have seen a new importance placed on cleaner transport solutions. Access to data – and how this should be regulated – is also an increasingly key issue for the automotive industry, as in other sectors.

Companies operating in the TTL sector need to be aware of the policy considerations and legislation that are shaping their business environment. They also need to recognise the influence of NGOs and activists, particularly from the environmental perspective.

FIPRA’s credibility with members of civil society allows us to act as an as honest broker between industry, policy makers and activism.

With a dedicated TTL practice since 2000, FIPRA has a demonstrably long – and strong – track record in helping clients navigate the complexities of the EU policy and legislative landscape. Acting as an extension to our clients’ internal teams, we create engaging and adaptive strategies that deliver measurable, positive impacts to their bottom line.

Hilary Hudson
Hilary Hudson
Head of Travel, Transport & Logistics Practice
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