Cynthia Xing
Network Member


FIPRA China / Yuan Associates

Cynthia joined FIPRA in China in June 2005 and become a partner in May 2011.

As the Vice President, Cynthia specializes in corporate reputation management and complex operational issue management, in addition to provide day-to-day strategic consultancy to clients.Cynthia has many years experience in government affairs and overseas work experience in external communication and international cooperation.

Cynthia has worked with more than 50 clients in agriculture, food and beverage, retail, tourism, and IT/telecommunication industries, focusing on strategy development, policy consultancy, corporate reputation management, and operational support.  She has a breadth of experience in market access, import quality inspection and quarantine, trade promotion, as well as domestic market operations.

Prior to joining FIPRA, Cynthia worked at the International Office of the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) as a Student Advisor, focusing on an International Communication and Immigration program for two years. Cynthia holds a Master of Arts degree in Tourism Management and a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management from the UCLan, England.  She also holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mobile Telecommunication.

Cynthia speaks Mandarin and English.



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