Dilek Emil
Network Member


FIPRA Türkiye

Extensive experience in Turkey politics, wide connections across the political spectrum and a valuable insight into how to engage constructively with the Government. Work experience with some of the country’s most competitive and complex industries, a clear understanding of the intersection of politics, government and business. A long-standing network across a variety of national and municipal Government levels in Ankara, Istanbul and elsewhere in Turkey. Deep knowledge and experience across a range of corporate sectors, with a particular focus on sustainability and the NGO sector.

Prior to her consulting career, she worked as Advisor to a Undersecretary of Treasury and took number of different roles including all aspects of public finance, project financing, state aids and foreign investment. During her years at Undersecretariat of Treasury, Dilek Emil coordinated the projects “Foreign Direct Investment, Investment Climate Analysis and Administrative Barriers to Investment” “Investment Promotion Strategy and Organization” “Debt Management of SOEs”. Dilek Emil’s most notable achievements are the coordination of the drafting and successful advocating of the Foreign Investment Law and the establishment of the Coordination Committee for Improving the Investment Environment. She was a Senior Economic Counsellor to the Turkish Embassy in Washington D.C. between 1996-1999.

Dilek Emil moved to the private sector in late 2004 as Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Coordinator for Yasar Holding Company which is one of the large industrial conglomerates in Turkey. Dilek was also chairperson at Pınar Institute (a non-profit organization owned by Yasar Holding Co.). In 2018, she departed for her own company, EWA Corporate Consultancy who provides support, advice and input to Aretera Public Affairs in the fields of stakeholder engagement, government relations and/or public affairs in addition to its own portfolio. In April 2022 Dilek led the move to establish STAMINAPA.



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