Erik Jonnaert
FIPRA International


Chairman and Partner

Erik Jonnaert is Chairman and Partner at FIPRA International.

Erik has had an impressive career in public affairs which spans more than three decades where he has led communications and public affairs for Procter & Gamble in both Europe and Asia, before leading the European automobile industry, as secretary general of ACEA till 2019.

He has been actively involved in Business Europe promoting stakeholder dialogue that makes a real impact, and has served as Chairman of the European Centre for Public Affairs.

Along with being Chairman of FIPRA, Erik will continue as Director of the Mont Blanc Circle for Public Affairs, a think-tank of senior government relations leaders. He also continues to support the New Mobility Foundation International as a co-founder and board member.

As a former secretary-general of the European Automotive Industry Association and past chairman of the European Automotive & Telecom Alliance, he brings to bear his automotive industry experience and policy expertise as part of FIPRA’s Transport, Travel & Logistics Practice area.

Prior to joining FIPRA, Erik worked to shape policy as a special envoy on road safety for the International Automotive Industry Association OICA. He was chairman of the European Centre for Public Affairs (1998-2008) and is still active on the advisory group of the McKinsey Center for the Future of Mobility.

Erik is a law graduate from both the University of Ghent in Belgium and Harvard Law School in the US.


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