Erik Jonnaert
FIPRA International


Chairman and Partner

For nearly four decades, Erik Jonnaert has worked at the intersection of business and politics in and outside Europe. He is known for finding common ground amongst disparate stakeholders and navigating business through the opaque halls of political power.

At FIPRA, Erik advises clients on mobility and transport policy as well as on how to manage changing geopolitics and the impact on competition and trade. The 30 years he spent with Procter & Gamble has made him skilled at translating business realities and needs to policymakers, especially those with widely different cultural and political backgrounds.

Erik is well known for his advocacy with leadership roles in influential industry groups, such as the European automotive industry association ACEA and Business Europe. He has long been a respected voice for making transport smarter, greener and more inclusive as well as for his enthusiastic support for European innovation.

Erik is on the board of the New Mobility Foundation advocating for more inclusive mobility solutions and the editorial board of Green Mobility Magazine. He is a law graduate from both the University of Ghent in Belgium and Harvard Law School in the United States. 


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