Erwin Dhondt
Special Advisor


Health Security

Erwin joined FIPRA Public Affairs as a Special Advisor for Health Security.

Erwin was the chairman of the ‘Emergency Medicine Panel’ & ‘Prehospital Care Improvement Task Force’ at the NATO Committee of the Chiefs of Military Medical Services until 2022 and has deep expertise in CBRN medical management. He was one of the driving forces behind NATO’s ‘COMEDS Futures Advisory Board’.

As the former director general ‘Health & Well-being’ in the Belgian Defence Staff (2019-2021), Erwin acted as the advisor to the Belgian Chief of Defense on all health-related policies. In that position, he designed the national defence health policy in the fight against SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19. Simultaneously Dr. Erwin served for almost 20 years as a senior staff member in the Emergency Department of the University Hospital of the Catholic University of Leuven and then as the co-director of the department of ‘Emergency and Disaster Medicine’ at the Brussels University Hospital.

A retired general of the Belgian Armed Forces Medical Corps, Erwin is a military medical doctor certified in emergency & disaster and intensive care medicine. Erwin has broad professional experience from working in peacetime as well as on the military battlefield (in theatres such as the Balkans, DRC and Lebanon).

A Belgian national based in Brussels, Erwin is fluent in Dutch, French and English.


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Practice Areas

Healthcare, Life sciences & wellbeing

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