Greg Walden
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FIPRA USA / Alpine Advisors

Following his recent retirement from Congress, Greg Walden, former Chairman of both the House Energy & Commerce Committee and the National Republican Congressional Committee, announced the creation of Alpine Advisors in February 2021. This policy and strategic advisory firm is a partnership between Walden and FIPRA USA / Alpine Group, the leading Washington government affairs firm.

Former Congressman Greg Walden represented the people of Oregon’s vast, Second Congressional District from 1999-2021. He chaired the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee which has jurisdiction over telecommunications, health care, medical research, energy and consumer safety issues.

As a member of that committee for 20 of his 22 years in the House, he led legislative efforts in telecommunications and spectrum issues; energy grid security and reliability; confronting the opioids epidemic and expanding access to affordable health care.

His colleagues twice elected him to lead the National Republican Congressional Committee, the national campaign arm of the U.S. House GOP, where under his leadership House Republicans attained their largest back-to-back majorities in history.

Before his election to Congress, Walden served eight years in the Oregon House and Senate, where his state House GOP colleagues twice elected him Majority Leader.

Walden and his wife, Mylene, owned and operated radio stations in Oregon for more than two decades. He served on the local community hospital board and on the board of a community bank. He is a graduate of the University of Oregon School of Journalism. Currently, he and his wife own MSW Communications, and he serves on advisory boards working on innovative solutions to climate change, and advancements in health care.



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