Hilary Hudson
FIPRA International


Head of Travel, Transport & Logistics Practice

Hilary joined FIPRA International in February 2008 and is an Account Director in our Brussels office where she is responsible for providing strategic and tactical, political and governmental advice to a number of clients in the maritime, transport, tourism and ICT sectors. She also serves as a member of the FIPRA Network‘s Quality & Ethics Committee.

Hilary joined FIPRA from another Brussels based consultancy where she had specialised in the areas of energy efficiency, the environment and transport policy.

Prior to entering public affairs work, Hilary worked for a Member of the European Parliament in Brussels covering issues in the Constitutional Affairs Committee. Hilary also previously served two Members of Parliament in Westminster (UK) – where she uniquely served firstly a Conservative Party MP, working mostly on foreign relations and then a Labour MP, where her work was more constituency focused.

Hilary comes from a legal background having completed her law degree at the University of Durham in the UK and one year’s study at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium as part of the Erasmus programme where she completed studies in European and International Law.



Practice Areas

Digital & Tech

Transport, Travel & Logistics

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