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Ira is a Special Advisor to FIPRA Singapore and a public policy specialist with a keen interest in sustainable development issues. Ira has experience working across Asia and Europe. Most recently, Ira consulted for the Australian government’s aid programs to Indonesia on climate change, health and education governance. Ira also spent time at Asia-Europe Foundation, where she was a long-term program manager for the Political and Economics Department, later becoming a consultant for the Foundation on the Asia-Europe Environment Forum. Ira has co-authored a number of policy briefs, reports, peer-reviewed articles and an academic book, “Energy Access, Poverty, and Development: The Governance of Small-Scale Renewable Energy in Developing Asia”. Ira honed her policy research skills in renewable energy and climate change at the National University of Singapore, where she also attained her Master’s Degree in Public Policy on Environmental Policy. Ira speaks Bahasa Indonesian and English.


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