Jakob Edberg
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FIPRA Japan / GR Japan

Jakob Edberg has been deeply immersed in Japan’s politics and policy-making for two decades.  As President & CEO of GR Japan, he works and helps clients solve complex political and regulatory challenges in a large variety of sectors and fields – retail, energy, pharmaceuticals, financial services, project financing, foreign policy, and trade just to mention a few.

Before co-founding GR Japan, he was Policy Director at the European Business Council in Japan, where he supervised government outreach and advocacy for over 300 companies in 29 sector committees.  He also served as a senior trade officer at the Swedish Embassy in Tokyo.  Representing international businesses’ interests on ministry and party committees, he has a wealth of experience with the Japanese administration and Diet, on everything from front-page trade issues and technical product standards, to successful campaigns for new legislation and financial regulation.  Jakob speaks impeccable Japanese, as well as English and Swedish, and complements degrees in political science and Japanese language with a Masters in International Political Economy from the University of Tsukuba.


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