Joseph Huggard
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As Managing Director of The Huggard Consulting Group, Joseph has represented FIPRA in Luxembourg since 2014. He has more than 30 years’ experience in providing insightful communications and effective advocacy in Europe, the USA, Asia and Latin America for the chemicals, metals, pharmaceuticals, agro-chemicals and food industries.

Joseph specialises in facilitating better communication between scientific communities and public policy makers, and he also works on crisis communications within the Luxembourg financial services industry. He has designed and implemented numerous product defence strategies for major international industries and has worked extensively on analysing and communicating the socio-economic contribution of businesses.

Joseph holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from University College Dublin and is a former adjunct professor at the Luxembourg campus of the Sacred Heart University’s John F. Welsh College of Business, where he taught ethics, leadership and management as part of the school’s MBA.

Joseph is Chairman of the Ireland Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and has lived in Luxembourg for 28 years. He is married with three children and speaks English, German, and Gaeilge.


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