Karen Facey
Senior Advisor


Senior Advisor - Health Technology Assessment

Karen Facey, PhD CStat HonMFPH, is a Senior Advisor on Healthcare at FIPRA Public Affairs.

With her extensive experience and expertise in health policy, HTA (Health Technology Assessment), and patient involvement, Karen brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to our team.

Karen has an impressive background, having worked as a senior statistician in the pharmaceutical sector and UK medicines regulation, and as the founding Chief Executive of the first national HTA agency in Scotland. 

She has been an independent consultant on health policy, HTA, and patient involvement since 2003, and has served as a Non-Executive Director on Scottish health boards for a decade. She has also chaired a Scottish Government committee to develop the national resource allocation for the NHS.

Karen is a Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, where she has led research on the appraisal of rare disease treatments. She is passionate about holistic HTA to determine value and the use of health service data to improve patient care. She also facilitates the RWE4Decisions multi-stakeholder initiative commissioned by INAMI.



Practice Areas

Healthcare, Life sciences & wellbeing

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