Laura Batchelor
FIPRA International


Managing Partner & Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice

Laura is Managing Partner and Head of Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice at FIPRA with more than 20 years’ experience as a public affairs professional. Laura advises companies, NGOs and associations on EU legislation and policy. She has significant experience developing engagement strategies at national and European levels to deliver political outcomes.

Laura has been instrumental in assisting stakeholder coalitions on policies relating to patient access to healthcare, financing models for innovative medicines and healthcare reform. She has also worked in Washington DC, marketing the FIPRA Network and establishing strategic partnerships.

Laura is a founder and board member of W@Lifesciences and is also Co-Chair of the Healthcare Committee of the British Chamber of Commerce to the EU and Belgium.

Laura has an MA in Modern Languages from Somerville College, Oxford and completed a Post Graduate in Education at King’s College, London.


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Practice Areas

Healthcare, Life sciences & wellbeing

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