Mårten Wennberg
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FIPRA Sweden / Hallvarsson & Halvarsson

Mårten is the Executive Director of FIPRA in Sweden, known locally as Hallvarsson & Halvarsson. He has been with FIPRA since 2010.

Mårten has more than 20 years of experience in political decision-making at local, regional, and national levels, and he has managed political campaigns, serving as press secretary in Parliament and chief of staff at the Ministry of Labor.

Over the years, Mårten has advised a wide range of companies and organizations, ranging from multinational corporations to local start-ups throughout the Nordics and the EU. He specializes in regulatory issues and helps clients by advocating for their interests within the political landscape, as well as to the public. Key areas of practice are real estate, forestry, food and beverage and healthcare.

Mårten has a degree in political science from Stockholm University, and he speaks Swedish, English, and some French.


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Practice Areas

Healthcare, Life sciences & wellbeing

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