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Martin is a Co-founder & Senior Partner at FIPRA Slovakia. Martin has worked in strategic management and consulting in the area of human capital, management consulting and public policy since 1990 when he co-founded the first management/HR consulting (Jenewein Group) on the market. At the EU level, Martin was a member of the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels until 2010. Martin is also a founder and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the European Public Policy Partnership think-tank. EPPP works on innovative solutions in human capital development, reforms in university education systems, governance, lifelong learning and developing new solutions for effective use of public-private partnerships. Martin is a member of many advisory boards and associations, clubs and organizations in Slovakia and abroad. At home, Martin is also a member of several advisory committees in the Slovak National Parliament. He was a president of Business Alliance of Slovakia for ten years and holds many awards including: Slovak Gold, the Golden Biatec, and the Medal for Developing French-Slovak Bilateral Relations. Martin speaks Slovak, Czech, Russian, German and English.


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