Mathieu Boudes
Senior Advisor


Senior Advisor - Rare Diseases, Patient Engagement

Mathieu Boudes, PhD, joined FIPRA in 2023 to support the Together For Rare Diseases coalition. Mathieu is an expert in patient engagement in medicines development and access, with experience in both biopharmaceutical companies and patient groups. Through his consulting activities, he assists his private and NGO clients in better collaborating to bring medicines to market more efficiently.

He also worked for a CRO in 2021, leading its engagement with Patient Advocacy Groups, following his experience at the European Patients’ Forum (2018-2020), where he piloted a cross-industry, multi-stakeholder partnership aimed at making patient engagement easier for all in medicines development. With 34 partners (including patient organisations, pharmaceutical/biotech companies, regulators, HTA bodies, and academic teams), PARADIGM strengthened stakeholders’ understanding of needs, and system readiness, ensured maximum synergies with other initiatives, and developed an inventive and workable sustainability roadmap.

Previously, Mathieu worked for EURORDIS-Rare Diseases Europe since 2013, focusing on activities to foster access to innovation for patients. Mathieu has a biomedical scientific background.



Practice Areas

Healthcare, Life sciences & wellbeing

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