Peter Tulkens
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Partner & Head of Green Transition Practice

Peter Tulkens is a Partner at FIPRA, having expanded his relationship from being the Network partner in and for Belgium since 2007.

Over the past two decades Peter has been working as a public affairs professional in various capacities and for several industries. With Agoria, the largest industry association in Belgium, he was the lead advisor on sustainability policies. In response to legislation, he was the inventor and main negotiator for setting up the national take-back scheme of electronic waste, Recupel, that would become later on one of the main standards for new take-back systems in Europe. In early 2000 he joined Ernst & Young, setting up a new public affairs team after the Enron fall-out that impacted all Big4 practices.

In 2004 Peter founded Politics Matters offering public affairs services to a variety of corporate clients and European trade associations. Peter brings strategic and public affairs advice to clients active in the field of mitigating health threats, security and defence. He holds excellent relations with NATO and as an expert in the field of medical counter-measure policies contributes to the EU policy agendas on procurement and strategic stockpiles.

Peter holds MAs in History (KU Leuven, Belgium) and International Politics (Uni Wien, Austria).



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