Steve Purser
Special Advisor


Strategic Advisor - Cybersecurity

Steve Purser joined FIPRA as Strategic Advisor, effective May 2024. With over three decades of extensive experience in cybersecurity, Steve brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to FIPRA. His impressive career trajectory includes pivotal roles in various prestigious organisations, showing his dedication to advancing cybersecurity practices and policies.

Steve holds a BSc in Chemistry and a doctorate in Chemical Physics. He began his professional journey in software development and systems integration with Logica SD (UK) and Logica SA (Belgium) between 1985 and 1993. In 1993, Steve transitioned to CETREL, where he assumed the role of Head of Information Security. His tenure saw significant contributions to enhancing security measures within the organisation. Subsequently, Steve held Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) positions at Banque Générale du Luxembourg and Clearstream Services, further solidifying his reputation as a cybersecurity expert.

In 2008, Steve joined the EU Cybersecurity Agency (ENISA) as Head of Operations, where he spearheaded strategic initiatives and executed annual work programs. Steve's influence extended beyond ENISA, as he served on the boards of esteemed organisations such as CERT EU, Europol EC3, ANSA, and Trust in Digital Life (TDL).

Throughout his career, Steve has been a regular conference speaker, sharing his insights and expertise with audiences worldwide. He has also authored 'A Practical Guide to Managing Information Security' (Artech House, 2004).


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