Wisahl Jappie
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Wisahl is Managing Director of FIPRA South Africa /Ethicore Political Lobbying where she works across multidisciplinary industry practice areas, providing counsel to local and international firms, industry associations and grassroots organizations.

Having joined the firm’s Parliamentary Practice in 2012, Wisahl has held various strategic positions including that of Deputy Managing Director. Prior to joining FIPRA South Africa in 2012, Wisahl was a current affairs journalist specializing in political content creation and analysis as well as a government affairs and public policy advisor to a prominent mobile health technology company.

As a public policy and political communications specialist, Wisahl has many years experience and expertise. She is proficient in public policy and political analysis, advocacy and stakeholder engagement. Her expertise includes a strong grounding in all aspects of public opinion analysis, public rhetoric, public argumentation and political behavioural research. Wisahl began her career as a current affairs journalist, content producer and scriptwriter for the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) and prominent local new agencies.

Wisahl established and leads FIPRA South Africa’s Health, Wellness and Consumer Goods Practice, providing public policy and GR counsel on Africa’s public health agenda. Her academic qualifications includes a Bachelor of Arts with a triple major in Political Science, English, Media and Writing, an Honours and Masters in Political Communications. Her Masters dissertation was a seminal political and communications study on South African President Jacob Zuma.


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