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FIPRA Expands Its Network Footprint in Latin America

The FIPRA Network welcomes its new members in Brazil, Central America & the Caribbean, Chile and Colombia. The inauguration of these partners allows the Network to provide comprehensive services across the Americas.

FIPRA is happy to announce a significant expansion of its network presence in Latin America, which will further strengthen its regional expertise, linked with a region that is increasingly impacted by EU decision-making. Recent EU developments focused on supply chain transparency and combating deforestation (such as the EU Deforestation Regulation) will have considerable impacts on companies sourcing and manufacturing in Latin America and bringing goods into the EU market.

We are proud to welcome our new partners in Brazil, Central America and the Caribbean, Chile, and Colombia, complementing our existing FIPRA Network partner in Mexico. This strategic move reinforces FIPRA’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions to clients navigating the intricate regulatory landscape of Latin America and will provide one of the most comprehensive public affairs offers in the region.

We are excited to offer clients a one-stop shop for understanding and navigating Latin America’s complex regulatory landscape.”

– Juan Mauricio Mora, co-founder of InStrag

FIPRA Mexico, operating under the banner InStrag locally, is a boutique consulting firm specialising in public affairs, regulatory, and legal services. Their areas of expertise include digital, green transition, transport and logistics, and financial services, ensuring tailored support to companies operating in Mexico.

Juan Mauricio Mora, speaking on behalf of FIPRA Mexico, remarked, “We look forward to helping businesses succeed by bringing a unique understanding of the Mexican regulatory environment, solidified by FIPRA’s global perspective. We are honoured to enrich an already robust network of trusted partners.”

FIPRA Brazil known as Licks Attorneys locally, is a law firm renowned for its extensive experience in regulatory legal matters in Brazil. With a multidisciplinary team possessing over two decades of experience across sectors such as technology, telecommunications, life sciences, and finance, FIPRA Brazil’s goal is to bring the Brazilian framework to light in a clear and comprehensive manner. This is especially important considering Brazil’s reputation for a complex legal system, and its strong market potential in different sectors.

As part of FIPRA’s Latin America network, FIPRA Brazil seeks to foster collaboration with global partners, recognizing the value of a shared perspective on challenges and opportunities worldwide.

FIPRA CA&C, represented by CCA Business Strategy (Central America, Panama, and the Dominican Republic), specializes in providing regulatory intelligence advice. “Our guidance has proven instrumental in various areas including navigating pandemic-related challenges and product registrations”,  Federico Jenkins, co-founder of CCA, emphasized the firm’s unique contributions.

FIPRA Chile, better known as BLGP stands out as a public affairs firm with a bi-partisan approach to policy-making. With partners possessing diverse backgrounds, including government and legal expertise, FIPRA Chile offers comprehensive and effective advice bridging the public and private sectors. Their areas of expertise align perfectly with Chile’s competitive advantages, covering natural resources, energy, technology, healthcare, and the food industry. Joining the FIPRA Network, FIPRA Chile eagerly anticipates access to a vast global network, enriched perspectives, and collaborative opportunities, all of which enhance their ability to offer global client solutions.

FIPRA Colombia, represented by ORZA locally, is a data-driven policy agency offering services in public affairs and regulatory, grassroots and community building, strategic communications, and business development. Their expertise spans biodiversity, green transition, tech, energy, oil and gas, and financial services. Notably, ORZA employs an algorithm (SONAR) that predicts the probability of draft bills becoming laws and utilizes a robot to seek out regulations before they come into effect.

Gonzalo Araujo, co-founder of ORZA, highlighted the innovative use of data and technology to enhance regulatory insights. They expressed their eagerness to combine local capabilities with FIPRA’s global perspective, thus contributing to shaping better regulation and sharing best practices globally.

“We are excited to join the network and learn from such amazing colleagues around the globe” Gonzalo Araujo, said.

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